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Graphic Design

Unique graphic design solutions combined with powerful messaging can be the key to building a strong company image, reputation or product line. Whether your company is a start-up looking for a unique look, an industry leader needing additional graphic design support, or in the process of re-working your entire brand message, 3•Leaf Design has the expertise to meet all of your graphic design needs.

Our services include:

Corporate graphic design: Business communications, identity programs, brand standards, logo design, tagline development, site signage, and promotional publications.
Customer facing marketing communication materials: Product or service brochures, direct mail, display graphics, whitepapers, manuals, and presentation materials.
Sales meeting materials: Sales meeting theme concepts, product launches or event materials, banners and signage, invitations, give-a-ways, light shows, and handouts.


Illustration can add a unique look to any marketing communications project and break down complex concepts in a way writing can’t. Stock illustration and photography is often overused, leading to a more generic client experience. Custom illustration is often a better approach to elevate your brand.

Our services include:

• Development of original 2D illustrations that are scalable to any size
• Creation of charts, graphs or process graphics that make complex ideas easy to understand
• Iconography or a series of pictograms that can create a visual language for your brand
• Traditional style illustrations using pencil, pen and ink, color pencil, or paint

Account Management

Delivering the perfect solution can involve graphic design, illustration, photography, writing, print production, acquisition of vendors, and global considerations. But the keys to a successful project include meeting the client’s needs, communication and the adjustment of solutions.

Our services include:

• Responding to phone calls or emails in person
• Developing production schedules if needed and reworking timelines as the project develops
• Use of project briefs when needed
• Overseeing production to ensure a quality product is delivered
• Scheduling meetings or sending out reminders to meet all deadlines
• Acquiring quotes, generating budgets, and hiring outside vendors as needed

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